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I’m not good at welcoming posts. I’m not good at explaining what’s the topic of this blog or why does it exist. I guess you are reading it because you found it by chance or I have urged you to read it. Anyway you know me (or not) but the thing is that I’m a chaos. I don’t know what I am going to say in this blog so everything will be spontaneously written. So:

Welcome to Komorebi-Birds!! (or its shorter version Komorebi) I don’t know if you know the meaning of this word because it is one of those foreign words that can’t be translated to Spanish or even English. The first thing that came to my mind when TheSheep told me about using this word for the blogs’ name was that it sounded good (it is a cute word). But when she told me what it meant I thought it was something very visual and somehow poetic because: how a single word can describe something like that??


Thank you so much to stop in this little corner of the world! This first welcoming post will (hopefully) let you know about Komorebi-Birds, so first of all we have to ask ourselves what does “komorebi” mean. In fact it is a Japanese word which refers to the light that goes through the trees’ leaves. Poetic, isn’t it? This blog is something like that. We will talk about a lot of things: books, films, coffee shops and lovely places, about what we like and even about what we don’t like. Just like in a forest, where there are hundreds of elements, here will be an organized mix-up of several topics that we hope you’ll find interesting.

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