Black Mirror

Almost a year ago, my sister told me about a British show called Black Mirror. I should let you know that at home words like “British show” or “British actor” have always implied quality and that is why I decided I needed to remember that name, so I could watch the show in a near future.

Some months later, my coworkers started talking about this show. They said it was a great show that made you think. So this is how I started watching one of the best show I’ve ever watched (I know it sounds cheesy and that this is not GoT but believe me it is worthy).

As I said before, Black Mirror  is a British show which has two season and a third one in production right now. Each of these seasons has around tree independents episodes without a common argument and each of these episodes tell the viewer positive and negative aspects of a series of societies that have been deeply affected by technology in several ways.

I guess it is really difficult to get the plot of this show just with what I’ve told you so I’m going to give an example. What  would happen if we lived in a society in which every human being had a chip that stored all his memories in his head? In this case, a person would be able to review his memories whenever he felt like it.

Black Mirror. Memory chip.

It seems something really good, right? We could easily answer those annoying questions that come to our mind anytime on the day. “Where have I left the keys?“, “What did I have to do today?” We could answer these questions adjusting the date of the memories we want to revisit. It seems easy and really practical but… what happens when the memory we want to remember is not a trivial thing or it is not a good memory? What if it a treason or the finding out of a lie? What would happen with relationships in this case?

Each one of the episodes of this show will make the viewer think about these sort of questions or at least they will make us think about how technology has changed our life and how it somehow controls us.

This example isn’t the scariest at all. In my opinion, the first episode of the first season called “The National Anthem” is the most shocking of them. It may be because the society we can see in this one is the most similar to our own but it was the one which shocked me the most. The public in general thinks that the best episode is the second one of the first season “Fifteen Million Merits”. These two have been written by Charlie Brooker who is the creator of this show. I guess you should watch it to have an opinion but: which is your favourite episode?

Here is the trailer of “The National Anthem” :

Finally, just a curious thing about this show. Its name Black Mirror refers to the screens of the different electronic devices such as T.Vs, monitors, tablets, mobile phones, … Once these devices are off their screens become black and they can behave as a mirror reflecting images in them

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