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    Cibeles de Cine – summer cinema

    Does anybody miss a really good movie for a reasonable price? Well, if that is your case I might have an interesting suggestion because in a kind of secretive way (or I might be the only one surprised by this?), Sunset Cinema…

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    The Name of the Wind

    It’s been a couple of weeks since I decided I wanted to write a post about this book because I wanted to share my opinion about its story and characters. I know that right now, books about fantasy and medieval…

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    PHotoEspaña 2016

    Last Wednesday, June 1st, PHotoEspaña 2016 started, even though some of the exhibitions that are part of the festival have later opening dates. For photography lovers (amongst I’m included), this is one of the most expected moments of the year.

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    40 Old and Second-hand Book Fair

    How was the Books’ Night and Book Day? I hope you enjoyed it a lot, seeing the activities, buying and giving books… For us it was really nice, we now have new books waiting to be read 🙂 In Komorebi…

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    Books’ Night

    Denying it could be a complete contradiction. It’d be almost as denying myself. Here it goes: my favourite day of the year is Book Day. That’s it, I’ve said it. Not even my birthday (although it’s really close on the…

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    The Ministry of Time

    Hey guys! It’s been too long since my last post, I know… Sometimes life gets really busy or you don’t get cool ideas to write about. Buuut I think (or more like hope) that that time has ended and I…

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    New Year’s resolutions: A book challenge

    As we are sure you have already noticed, in Komorebi we are “bookholics”.  We aslo follow several websites where they review and recommend you books and this is why one of our New Year’s resolutions had to include books. The…

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    It’s been a while since I started to think that I should write a review of a certain book titled “Room“. The  reason is just that “Room“ is one of those books which make a real impact in you and you get hooked…